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Mai 12th, 2018 by dominoteam
  1. Example for the Cisco Ironport ESA – SMTP Authentication Query used in the LDAP Server Profile:




2. Example: The Allowance Query String can be used for Mail Relay SMTP Authentication Profile


more Infos about the cisco ironport Mail ESA Box config:


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Mai 11th, 2018 by dominoteam

Important: your need the latest Fixpack to get the ldap/s working with z-scaler -> 9.0.1 SP3 If 1

change the notes.ini: SSL_ENABLE_INSECURE_SSLV2_HELLO=1

Because zscaler has some problems with the TLS1.0 implmentation of the IBM Domino Server


The z-scaler Cloud Proxy Service can be connected with Lotus Domino LDAP for:

– configuration Groups
– User authentication

Connection Parameter openLDAP Setting for zscaler

Tip: For full Domino LDAP read access you need a Notes User (e.g. „Ldap User“)

Tip: for security Reasons use LDAP/S

LDAP Atribute Fields (Lotus Notes Form Field Mapping)

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Mai 11th, 2018 by dominoteam

How does IBM Connections support removing personal information when requested by users?

More Information in the IBM Technote:


Add. Information:

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Mai 10th, 2018 by dominoteam
    To disable the old TLS 1.0 protocol on your domino server you can use the following notes.ini setting:
    You neet to restart the HTTP Taks to activate this setting. You can test your server SSL Setting with the SSLLabs free security Test


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Mai 13th, 2017 by dominoteam


ADFS Setup

technote 1614543: Index of SAML cookbooks –
wiki article: „Upgrading from Notes client single logon to Notes shared login“ –
More Infos

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