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  1. Example for the Cisco Ironport ESA – SMTP Authentication Query used in the LDAP Server Profile:




2. Example: The Allowance Query String can be used for Mail Relay SMTP Authentication Profile


more Infos about the cisco ironport Mail ESA Box config:


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Mai 11th, 2016 by dominoteam

There is a really good Cisco Whitepaper available which was released in October 2014 (you need a valid cisco login or ask you Cisco Partner for this Whitepaper)

Catch More Spam: Fine-Tune Your Email Security Appliance

other useful Whitepapers links for the Ironport ESA:

more useful tips for content filters on the Ironport (SPF, DKIM, URL reputation, file types …):

Cisco IronPort ESA – Useful Content Filters

Cisco IronPort E-mail Security Appliance Best Practices : Part 1

Cisco Ironports Technotes

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